Taking Action w/Positive Psychology


You’re wanting to set goals, or you’ve had goals for years…sitting on a shelf inside your mind, or on a dream board.

I’m here to help you rally what you already have inside of you, focus it, align it with whatever allies you require in attaining (or obtaining) your goals, and then I’m going to push you to get there!


You’ve lost your motivation (and have NO idea where to find it), or you’re overflowing with motivation and yet can’t seem to take action.

No matter your CURRENT circumstances, providing you’ve got goals, I’m going to help you focus in on them, assess and qualify them, align your strengths on what it’s going to take to get there (and identify sources of assistance where your strengths aren’t in alignment), and THEN I’m going to help you push YOURSELF in achieving those goals!

These next 6wks of ‘meeting’, 1:1 (via social or communicative platform, and not in person during the pandemic) in 45min sessions will provide you every bit of guidance and opportunity in self-reflection on your TRUE goals (YOURS, not someone else’s, NOR your interpretation of what you feel others expect of you).

From goals we’re going explore your strengths (open and honest), and determine not only what’s needed to get where you want to go, but also where you may need a boost of strength, and you may even find some strengths lurking in the recesses of your subconscious that you can call on to help.

Then comes the magic; we’ll be pushing you into action in realizing your goals, and preparing for life’s hurdles – because there will always be hurdles!

You’ve been wanting to get ‘somewhere’ forever, or you’re about to strike out on a new path. Regardless of what’s brought you here, you need as much of a push as you need guidance, and I’m grateful for this opportunity to help.




– An Introduction To Positive Psychology

– Strengths (What You Think, And Polling Others)

– Behavioural Change

– Obstacles & Coping

– Positive Emotions

– Evaluation & The Future


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